Lacey, Washington air pressure map

A real-time (online) dynamic pressure map is a great way to predict the weather for the near future.

The importance of atmospheric pressure

Atmospheric pressure is one of the most important meteorological elements. The change in pressure in space and time is closely related to the development of the main atmospheric processes: the inhomogeneity of the pressure field in space is the direct cause of the occurrence of air currents, and pressure fluctuations in time are the main cause of changes in the weather in a particular area. The higher the atmospheric pressure, the more likely the weather will be dry and sunny.

On the other hand, when we have a system with a lower pressure, this means that the air mass is less dense. This is because the air is more humid or hotter. Thus, ambient air flows inward towards the center of the system, while light air flows upward. When light, warm air rises and meets colder layers, it condenses into clouds with precipitation.

In systems where the pressure is very low, storms are formed. These clouds are about to form and move across the sky. For these clouds to form, hot, humid air must rise high enough to cause vertical development.

Pressure map in other cities:

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What is an air pressure map?

The map of pressure in the Lacey shows the current atmospheric pressure in the city and how it will change in the next 36 hours. The regions with the highest pressure are indicated in red, and the regions with the lowest pressure in blue.

The pressure map is compiled using innovative technologies. The data on the map is updated every 3 hours.

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How to work with the map

To open the pressure map, on the main page of the service, in the "Weather" block on the map, select the "Pressure" tab and click the "View" button, or in the upper right corner of any page, open the Weather on the map list and select the Pressure item.

On the map you can find out:

  • Forecast for the near future - move the slider at the bottom of the page or select a time on the timeline.
  • Exact pressure value for a specific point - move the mouse cursor over it.
  • A short forecast for a specific point on the map - click on it. A weather card for the selected location will open.

Therefore, keep an eye on the atmospheric pressure, and you can always predict weather events.